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  • Retiree Insurance Options
    Updated On: Aug 30, 2021

    Retiree Health Insurance Options

    If you retire while actively enrolled in the SMW Local 27 Health & Welfare Insurance Plan and are under age 65
    , you may maintain your coverage using your hours earned (1,200/18 months or 600/6 months) until they are exhaused.

    Once exhausted, you are eligible to continue coverage through our Self-pay option until you reach age 65.  The cost to continue coverage is as follows:*

    Single: $625 per month
    Husband & Wife: $945 per month
    Parent & Child(ren): $925 per month
    Family: $1,135 per month 

    IMPORTANT: Please contact the Fund Office for information about discounted rates for retirees between ages 60-65.

    To continue your existing coverage call the Funds Administration office at 732-919-1988 for more information.

    If you are age 65 or older at the time of retirement or when you reach age 65, you are no longer eligible to continue coverage through our Plan. However, you will be eligible for Medicare. Please contact Medicare directly at 800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) or visit www.Medicare.gov for more information and to enroll.

    Once you qualify for Medicare, you are eligible to enroll in SMW +, a secondary insurance option available through SMART International. This policy is not affiliated with Local 27. The cost of this policy is $114 per month for an individual or $228 per month for a couple.* 

    Payment must be deducted from your monthly National Pension Fund check. This is the only payment option available. To enroll in SMW +, please contact them directly at 800-831-4914.

    If your spouse is under age 65 at the time your Health & Welfare Insurance Plan terminates, your spouse may enroll in our Plan through COBRA Continuation of Coverage until they reach age 65 and become eligible for Medicare.  HOWEVER, if you pass away, your spouse is only eligible to continue benefits through COBRA for 36 months from the date of your death. 

    *All rates are subject to change.

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